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Inside Out: the world's largest global participatory art project

I've had the privilege of being one of 5 photographers in London commissioned by world-renowned photographer JR, in partnership with the Mayor of London and the City of London, to take hundreds of portraits for Inside Out; the world’s largest global participatory art project. This one will mark the start of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament and will consist of Tower Bridge being shut down for a whole day and 1,200+ large-scale portraits being pasted across the entire length of it! The exhibition will then make its way to Lewisham, Kings Cross, Bernie Grant Arts Centre and Royal Victoria Dock.

Inside Out, Lyon, France

Over the past decade, more than 400,000 people spanning across 138 countries have participated in the Inside Out Project. The project has reached all of the continents, with over 2,000 actions created. Actions have revolved around a range of topics: diversity, community, feminism, racism, climate change, education, children’s rights, and art are just a few of them. Posters are displayed in outdoor spaces that are visible to the public. These Group Action installations are documented, and shared online.

During May, I was sent to different communities across London to photograph hospital staff, key workers, grass roots footballers and passers by. As photographers, we were asked to capture as many interesting/extreme facial expressions as possible, which was pretty fun!

Nina by Celine Celeesi

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